Now Is a Good Time to Pot Up Your Fig Tree

If your tree has leafed out more than the one shown, that is okay.

It should have roots coming out the bottom. If not it may not need re-potting.

This is a brand I use for the fig trees. Others will work as well. The important thing is that it be light and allow for good drainage. Potting Soil actually has no soil (or dirt) in it. Soil, dirt or earth, what you find in the ground, does not do well in a pot. Potting soil, what you find in a bag, is made up of peat moss or coco-coir and perlite and vermiculite. Some kinds may have some finished compost added. That is not really necessary for fig trees. I add a well rounded organic fertilizer and some lime to the potting soil before wetting.

To confuse things a little more, you want your potting soil to retain water and to drain well. The peat or coir will hold water and the perlite will allow drainage. Like a dry sponge, potting soil will not take water until it's wet. Make sure you moisten the potting soil before putting it in a pot. Potting soil should be damp or moist but not wet or soaked. When you squeeze a handful and open your hand it should hold together briefly and the crumble. It should not be dripping wet.

Fig trees would rather be dry than wet. Too wet a soil can lead to root rot. Not good. Of course in a pot the fig will soon become root bound and not have much capacity to store water. At this point it will need to be watered frequently.

Fig trees also like a sweet soil. pH should be in the neutral range of 7. This is where the lime or wood ash comes in. A yearly application should keep you in good shape. You can find fast acting or liquid lime if you think your soil is too acidic.

At this writing, it's snowing and the week ahead looks cold. Your newly potted tree will have to stay inside a little longer. On warmer days it can go out for a while and come in at night. When frosts are done it can stay out all night. Avoid hot blazing noon sun for the first week. Cloudy days are best. Once outside in the sun and wind it will need more water.


So here is your tree on the left and it's new home on the right


It should have roots coming out the bottom. If not it may not need re-potting.


Lay the tree on it's side a firmly pull on the trunk.


It should come out whole without much effort.


Put some potting soil in the bottom of the pot


Enough so the tree will end up about an inch below the pot rim.


Tuck potting soil around the root ball making sure to fill any voids. Patting the side of the pot and dropping it squarely will help it settle.


A good drink of water will settle the soil.


Happy Tree!