FIG TREE 101: Spring Fig Tree Reminder!

What to expect from your fig tree

This bud is just beginning to open.

Hello again Fig Fans! Here it is almost March. Your fig tree may have already woken up, maybe it's beginning to think about waking up or maybe it's still sound asleep. Best go check on it. Any signs of leave or new stem growth and it will need light. If you can a south facing window is good. Or a grow light will work.

Check that the soil is moist. The more leaves it has the more water it will need. Be careful not to over water though. Soon it can start going outside on warm sunny days but bring it in at night. After the last frost in your area it can stay out over night.

This is also a good time to re-pot your tree. The last email had information on that and the next will have photos of the process. The best time is when it is just coming back to life but it can really be done at any time. Waiting too long may effect this years fruiting and new growth.

If you had bug problems of any kind last year, a dormant oil spray is a good idea. See below for more information on that.

We are already over 11 hours of daylight and while we're not out of the woods temperature wise yet, the non-winter of '15/'16 will end and spring will come. I'll write again soon with re-potting information.