When Fruit Inspires Community

A "Field Notes" column in Edible Pioneer Valley by Trish Crapo

Photo by Dan Little

When Fruit Inspires Community

by Trish Crapo

...Certain foods seem to spark community, uniting people who share a passion for them, like the local Italian men’s lunch group that went crazy for the figs, or the Puerto Rican woman who reached out for fig starts for her fledgling small farm, hoping to help diversify the island’s diet. I’d thought this story would be about that sense of community.

But then, on the night of April 4, a cold front moved in, bringing 40- to 50-mph winds. We woke to find the skin of our large hoop house torn and flapping. Temps had been in the low 20s overnight. The sky was spitting snow.

All of a sudden, our fig story was about survival.

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published in Edible Pioneer Valley, Issue #17, June 11, 2018