Dancing Bear Farm ~ Heirloom Tomatoes

We’ve got over 80 varieties this year.

This still gives us all the colors,

shapes and sizes and a few new

ones to trial. Below is the list of varieties

we will be planting this year. (as of 3/7/11)

Please contact us if you are looking for

Tomato Transplants.


Amish Paste

Anna Russian

Arkansas Traveler

Big Rainbow

Black Cherry

Black from Tula

Black Krim

Black Sea Man

Black Zebra

Blue Fruit


Brandywine - Sudduth's

Brandywine, Yellow



Cherokee Chocolate

Cherokee Purple


Costoluto Genovese

Eva Purple Ball


Garden Peach

German Johnson

Giant Belgium

Golden Sunray


Green Zebra

Half Moon China

Hogs Heart

Homer Fike's Yellow Oxheart

Isis Candy

Italian Tree

Japanese Black Trifele or Black Pear

Jersey Devil



Marianna's Peace


Mortgage Lifter, Radiator Charlie’s

Neves Azorian


Orange Blossom

Orange Russian 117

Paul Robeson




Power's Heirloom

Prudens Purple

Purple Calabash

Purple Russian

Red Fig

Red Pear


Roman Candle


Rose de Berne

Sainte Lucie

San Marzano


Snow White

Speckled Roman

Striped German




Ukrainian Pear


White Beauty

Yellow Pear

Zapotec Pleated


This years varieties:


What are
Heirloom Tomatoes?
    Also referred to as antique or heritage tomatoes, Heirloom Tomatoes are all open pollinated, meaning the seed that comes from the fruit will grow the same tomato it came from. (This is not true of hybrids) People generally talk of four classes or categories of heirlooms: Family Heirlooms ~ varieties saved from year to year and generation to generation.
Commercial Heirlooms ~ open pollinated varieties released by seed companies before the advent of hybrids in the late 1950’s. 
Created Heirlooms ~ an intentional cross of two heirlooms to achieve a desired result. 
Accidental or Mystery Heirlooms: This just happens through cross-pollination or mutation. 1% or more of the seed in an Heirloom Tomato will produce a different type of tomato. If it is grown out and remains the same year after year, you have a new variety or sometimes called a “sport”. 
    In general Heirlooms come from a time when farmers and gardeners saved seed from year to year. Each year the best of the crop was saved to be the seed for the next year. Eating an Heirloom Tomato (or other heirloom crops too) takes you back to that time. A time before genetically engineered, Round-up ready crops, before mechanically harvested tomatoes with the qualities of a tennis ball. Through our tomatoes, we invite you to join us in our time traveling. 
    As you can see from the photos here, tomatoes come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some 10,000 varieties in all. At Dancing Bear Farm we try to keep it down to about 100 varieties. This gives us several varieties of each size, shape and color.
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